Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Tea Party is Out of Money?

The Tea Party is out of money? Hearing that on the radio started me thinking. Why does the Tea Party need money? Aren't values and ideas universal commodities that propagate naturally among like-minded folks? Perhaps, but like most things, communication isn't free when it has to occur in the political scope.

The mainstream media freely propagates values and ideas that fit their agenda, as in gleefully FOR FREE. As in send crews and trucks and cameras to remote corners of the earth to publicize obscure events the fit their commentary. Other values and ideas that do not fit their agenda are buried or ignored altogether. Queue the crickets.

That CNN, NBC, SeeBS and the other networks never promote conservative ideas is not surprising. It's not just that the mainstream media are Hussein Obama's cheerleaders, it's that the Tea Party spent whatever donations they received and got virtually no further than the House in 2010.

Here's the scary thing. Our marketing-driven society takes big money. That kind of big money doesn't come from working stiffs like me or any other conservative I know. It comes from GE, UBS, Nationwide, Google and countless other corporate giants that are in bed with the very politicians the mainstream media protects and promotes.

Compounding the problem is the notion that politicians on both sides of the aisle are perpetuating the same big government machine. Insider trading is rampant. Virtually all federal politicians are career lifers. They line each others pockets. It's not right versus left or conservative versus liberal or Republican versus Democrat. The real battle, the hidden battle, is between us taxpayers and the Ruling Class. Don't let them keep pulling to wool over our eyes, folks. It's time to wake up and get active.

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