Friday, August 05, 2005

The Van Lane

So I'm driving to work this morning and there's a huge white van in front of me for several miles. All I can see is the non-descript read end of this huge white van. This isn't anything new of course and it prompted me to create a new post.

First you have to understand that I call anything bigger than a car a van. That includes vans, minivans, SUVs, pickup trucks, conversion vans, RVs, and anything else car drivers can't see through the windows of.

Anyway, there I am tooling down the freeway seeing nothing but the back of this van and it hits me, there's always a van hugging the fast lane! When someone comes up behind me, I move over. That's the law, right? Evidently vans are exempt. Maybe it's a special sticker van drivers get on their license?

Car drivers can see through the windows of cars in front of them. That's safe. That lets you react more quickly to brake lights and other things up the road. Vans block the view. It's downright dangerous and I think they should have their own lane. The Van Lane.