Friday, December 24, 2010

Buckeye Football Stars Sell Pants?

Yes, the NCAA rules are stringent. Perhaps a solution is needed? Here's a solution. How about following the *@%$ rules? There are 40,000 other student (including me back in the day) who trudge from class to class every day in knee deep horizontal blowing snow and also live within rather confined means. Some of them are at the top of their professions too, be they chemists, business people or athletes. That's the way amateur sports works. You pay your dues, you learn the game, you develop as a player and if you are among the very best in the world, someone pays you a big salary to do it professionally.

Those guys knew the rules. Maybe Terrelle Pryor didn't "get" the depth of the Buckeye tradition being from Pennsylvania, but DeVier Posey and Dan Boom Herron and especially Dublin native Mike Adams sure should have. Can you grow up in Ohio, even in Cincinnati, and not know the history of the Ohio State - michigan rivalry? What does it say about your soul, about your character, if you sell your BIG TEN CHAMPIONSHIP RING? Maybe it says you're still a dumb kid without the sense to know better, but that does not explain the rest of the kids on that team and past teams who recognize the significance as 18 year olds.

The whole thing is so very disappointing.