Sunday, December 30, 2012

Confront Liberty Today Before It's Too Late

Many of us rallied our friends and wrote a lot of letters to Congress about Hussein Obamacare, but the ruling class shoved that up our rears despite clear and significant opposition by the voting public. Gun control has nowhere near that much opposition. Not good news. I don't see any evidence that our representatives give a damn what we think, but they clearly care what the media thinks. More bad news.

I write an average of two letters a week to my Congressmen. A few weeks later I get a form letter that first states how much they care about my issue, and then explains and rationalizes their opinion I wrote to oppose. Never once have I seen a vote changed in favor of the view I support. The media speaks of voter disenfranchisement in terms of minorities and the poor, but I too am completely disenfranchised. I have lived in Ohio for most of my life and as you all know, the balance between left and right is very close here. Maybe it's time to move to Oklahoma?

This is the exact situation the Founders foresaw when writing and ratifying the Second Amendment. It's not about hunting or self-defense, it's about preserving liberty and freedom from tyranny. Our liberty is swirling around the bowl as I type and it's final destination is down the sewer. I'm sure you all know Patrick Henry's immortal words. Give me liberty too. Seems to me like the time is approaching rapidly.

If there is still hope of avoiding another uncivilized civil war, now is the time to impress upon everyone around you, right and left alike, that restricting our Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms is completely unacceptable. The arguments of the ruling class and gun control types are weak and easily defeated. Gun control gets momentum because it is so rarely opposed in their circles. Get in their face now though and there is hope.

Adding laws impacts only law abiding citizens. Criminals will continue to have and use guns to commit crimes. That very scenario plays out in virtually every example from Chicago to DC to the UK. Arm yourself with statistics and get in the argument with a liberal near you now. The next step is uncivilized.

Nobody is in favor of crime and dead kids bring everyone to their knees, but taking guns from law abiding citizens is not the answer. Why should the feds take my Mini 14 because a man in Connecticut kills 20 kids? By the same token, should all dump trucks be taken by the feds because one ran a stop sign, hit a school bus and killed 20 kids? Or should the feds take all the alcohol because one drunk driver drove through a crowd on the sidewalk and killed 20 kids? We all feel terrible for the families in Newtown, but taking away my Mini 14 or my AR-15 or anything I own is not the answer. Stand strong now.

I often hear that we need to lock up crazies like the man in Newtown. The media portrays him as a kid, but he was a 20 year old man, not a kid. Don't fall for that. And does anyone really believe progressives will lock up "crazies"? These are the same progressives that made insanity a right and emptied mental institutions across the country. The criminal in Newtown had Asberger's Syndrome and was not a rambling lunatic. There is no chance progressives would lock up every (or any!) person with Asberger's, autism, borderline, bi-polar, depression and a host of other common disorders. That is not the objective of the gun control type. It's not about guns, it's about control.

Fight now in the realm of words and ideas before the still free among us must take up arms.

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