Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vince's Solution to Healthcare

Before I get to my solution to America's healthcare problem, let me explain that I don't believe that a problem exists. The United States has the finest healthcare system in the world. It ain't cheap, but would you want it to be? Would you trust your eyes or your heart to a low budget, under incented, government trained doctor? When a Canadian Premier needed surgery recently, did he go to Montreal? Toronto? Nope, he went to Boston*. If you need prostate surgery, my advice is to stay here in Columbus, not go up to Canada. If it's too expensive for you, then cut out the lawyer's portion, not the healthcare professional's portion.

Okay, so how am I going to solve the healthcare problem our liberal government believes exists? I'm going to become a Congressman! Simple. Just like that I've protected myself and my family. You see, those guys aren't subject to the socialist system they are trying to foist upon us taxpayers. They won't stand in lines like we did for the Pig Flu vaccine (a foreshadowing of Obamacare). Their life or death will be decided by God or their family instead of a government panel like our's will. They will keep the same Cadillac plan and stay right here in the USA for the prostate operation. By then maybe we will be better off going up to Canada. How ironic is that?

Seriously though, running for Congress isn't an option. Writing my Congressmen is. I've written six letters to them in the past year. Speak from the heart; it's easy. An overwhelming majority of our fellow countrymen oppose government healthcare, yet Obama continues to talk of ramming it down out throat. Get mad. Speak up (here's a link to November may be too late.

*Here is a link to the story at