Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My letter to the Mike Church Show

May Day, 2012
Hi Mike. Great show today, albeit rather astringent and sobering. It is all too clear to me that the big Rs are the problem too. Not as bad as the left, but plenty bad enough. That's especially bad news in light of the TEA Party trampling our liberties with their collusion on the passing of CISPA. I too see the same degradation in the politics industry that led up to the Civil War. This time around it doesn't look to be shaping up as North versus South, but instead neighbor versus neighbor. There is no clean Mason-Dixon Line, but instead mere fences in neighborhoods dividing diverse ideologies. It's a damn scary prospect.

Where the antagonists of the mid-1800s had slavery to distract the population from the issue of states' rights and personal liberty, what do we have today? Will the cry of the left be "Get back to work and support us!"? In time the southern states did abandon slavery, but the republicans and liberty-minded of today are unlikely to close this chapter in American history with the classic Orwellian concession "I love you Big Brother." It is hard to imagine a good ending.

As a kid I watched Happy Days and enjoyed the commentary of my parent's generation. I used to reflect on our Greatest Generation and how good those good old days must have been, but now I see that while they fought the obvious enemies on distant shores, they let the one here at home creep into society and start the small tear the would lead to the unraveling we see today.

Hopefully this chapter of American history does not end with "I love you Big Brother," but if it does men will in time realize that the oppression of socialism isn't the right path. Some of those liberty-minded men will get out before the collapse. I turn 49 next month and may not live to see free men and women land on the shore of the next America, but my daughter Reagan might.

Sobering, but a great show. Thank you.


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